Burning lumber wheel – it’s a sign of this god Kupala. Later in the evening or at night the people that are young go right to the park or perhaps the forests to find fern flower.

Everyone understands that ferns usually do not bloom, but there is however a legend. He knew where all the buried treasures in the world as it is the man who finds a fern flower will be able to understand the language of birds and animals. It isn’t astonishing that so far many individuals are searching for a flower that is magic. A lot of people visited this fest to indulge in its event, consume delicious food that is belarusian flake out.

The people that are belarusian pleased with the united states’s past as well as its old-fashioned tradition. The medieval festival “The White Caste” is arranged every springtime in Minsk. The spectators can appreciate performances in costume, combats of knights and music that is ancient. Every summer time, in Belarusian castles in Lida, Mir, Novogrudok.

Nesvizh, etc. They attract spectators and individuals from numerous nations regarding the world. The brightest Belarusian ceremonial events is wedding. On such essential occasions, as being a guideline all the family collects together, including close and remote family relations as well as the selection of meals are offered.

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Ceremony that possesses a deep sense is really a Belarusian wedding. Wedding has been thoroughly considered and prepared, all its phases were very very very carefully checked over. Read more