Curving Is The Modern Dating Trend, And It May Be Even Worse Than Ghosting

Ugh, simply let me know that you don’t just like me, okay?

Getting refused stings in how just a few things do (see: waving at an individual who wasn’t really waving at you, or tripping and making eye contact utilizing the one individual whom saw).

The most recent (and reverse of greatest) cause for wishing you might conjure a deep, dark gap to crawl into is a brand new dating trend called “curving.”

Basically, it is when you begin being low-key remote and detached to demonstrate somebody you’re maybe perhaps not interested. Therefore rather than being released and saying, “we don’t think we’re a match that is good” curvers will require hours, and on occasion even days, to respond to a text with a biting “k”—that’s it. Read more