7 methods for Being the Best Wingwoman Ever

Your buddy spotted a complete campus cutie at that party yesterday evening, but she had been far too shy to approach them. The worst part is the fact that it wasn’t the very first time you’ve seen this happen. Sufficient reason for reason—making the very first move can be terrifying! Let’s say she gets refused?

Fortunately you—her wingwoman—can come in for her, that’s where. You’ll stand by her part which help her spark a discussion with whichever hot single hits her fancy. All you need doing is follow these easy guidelines!

1. Let her ask you to answer for assistance

Your buddy struggles with speaking with people that are new and, as her buddy, needless to say you wish to help her down. But you to help her flirt (i.e., to be her wingwoman), you probably shouldn’t suggest it if she doesn’t ask. Read more