While serving offshore in wartime, soldiers with this southern Illinois town looked for PayDay candy pubs so they really could proudly show their buddies the line regarding the wrapper having said that “Made in Centralia, Ill.”

In 1968, when Hollywood Brands, the locally owned manufacturer of PayDay, had been offered to Consolidated Foods, it absolutely was made a decision to eliminate “Made in Centralia” from the wrapper. The individuals for the city of 15,000 protested therefore fiercely that the expression had been restored.

Now, Centralia residents are waging a campaign that is all-out keep carefully the PayDay bag of chips factory and also the paydays which have come with it for 58 years.

At any given time whenever American employees and their counterparts abroad usually fall target to financial forces outside their control in an extremely globalized financial weather, Centralians are wanting to just just take issues in their very own arms. They also delivered a select team offshore to confront the hard-nosed CEO of this worldwide conglomerate that has the neighborhood factory.

“this can be probably one of the most interesting, complex and plant-closing that is far-reaching We have ever present in this nation,” stated Ron Carver, manager of strategic promotions when it comes to Overseas Brotherhood of Teamsters AFL-CIO in Washington, D.C. Read more