Initially, Susan claims, she resisted the concept of dating somebody older than her because of this factor that is cliche.

‘I became therefore torn concerning this’ she states ‘I nevertheless have always been often. I fucking hate this. We hate the older men/younger girl thing. We can’t stay it…that current thing with Brad Pitt being connected to Ella Purnell, that is 21 and appears the same as a young angelina jolie made me furious. It is constantly the instance in movies, older guys having their choose of younger women’. Certainly, there is certainly a definite instability whenever a mature guy dates a more youthful woman that, as a lady, it may be difficult to shake. This is certainly one thing we struggled with whenever dating a mature guy, i possibly couldn’t assist thinking about every one of the females their age that is own hen’t have their shit together for and finding myself siding using them.

But, reservations aside, Susan dropped for entirely for Shaun. Why? ‘He’s really fit. He’s really fit but also, he’s started using it together along with his age probably supports that. He’s started using it sorted, he does not play any games. Me, he was quite straight up about it when he was ‘wooing. He just said ‘I fancy you do you want to decide on a beverage or something’, thus I said ‘yeah we fancy you as well’ after which went for products. He then had been like ‘what do you want to do because i understand you might be linked to another relationship. I’m happy to attend for you personally, if not that’s fine. ’ There have been simply no games and there never ever is games with him. He never ever plays it cool just therefore that i do believe he’s playing it cool. I will not imagine ever getting a text from him and wondering just how to react to that. Read more