Who’s killing the social folks of the Juarez Valley? The person pointed an index little finger at de los angeles Rosa, mimicking a gun, and pulled the trigger.

De la Rosa drove to El Paso.

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An immigration agent recognized de la Rosa and asked whether he felt safe returning to Juarez at the border crossing.

after having a week of fighting to obtain down, de la rosa was launched. He declined to return to Mexico unless the national federal federal government offered him with better protection. Now de la Rosa travels in Juarez with a few armed bodyguards and spends their weekends in Texas, where he states they can rest with less fear. In , regional magazines started to explain a new variety of killer. The Juarez Valley had skilled bouts of bestbrides.org sign in violence before—committed by El Rikin and Los Angeles Gata Escajeda—but these men in black colored, masked, well trained and greatly armed, who roamed the valley people that are killing impunity, had been a terror beyond comprehension. Read more