2019 Code of VirginiaTitle 6.2 – banking institutions and ServicesChapter 18 – Payday LendersВ§ 6.2-1810. Payday lending database

A. The Commission shall approve and contract with more than one 3rd events to build up, implement, and keep a real-time, Internet-accessible database that contains such pay day loan information while the Commission might need every so often by administrative guideline or policy declaration. The database will be functional by January 1, 2009.

B. The provisions that are following connect with the database:

1. A licensee shall query the database through a Commission-certified database provider and shall retain evidence of the query for the Commission’s supervisory review before making a payday loan. A licensee shall be allowed by the database in order to make a quick payday loan only when making the mortgage is permissible beneath the conditions with this chapter. During any duration that the database is unavailable as a result of technical dilemmas beyond the licensee’s control, a licensee may count on the pay day loan applicant’s written representations, as opposed to the database’s information, to confirm that making the mortgage used for is permissible underneath the conditions of the chapter. A licensee is not subject to any administrative penalty or civil liability if that information is later determined to be inaccurate because a licensee may rely on the accuracy of the applicant’s representations and the database’s information. Read more