Some visitors certainly thought Chris’ tale, others simply enjoyed the chance to have fun.

I was being made by“The quarantine stir crazy, and I also thought others may need a little bit of a laugh too,” Chris claims of their motivations. Whether Chris qualifies as a “troll” is up for debate – while traditionally the expression relates to those who find themselves inflammatory online, the attorney had more benevolent aims. “i simply desired to provide everybody else a chuckle.”

Chris says Reddit users are “much more sceptical” than people on Twitter, whom he thinks are “very happy to simply take the tale on its face”. Why do we think stories that are ridiculous by anonymous strangers? The most-retweeted articles on @redditships function (at most readily useful) clueless and (at worst) abusive boyfriends who variously have actually terrible company some ideas, bully their partners, sleep in nests while having egregious relationships that are age-gap. Read more