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It could help me out so I am not typically one to post on a forum, but figured. I have already been speaking with this person for only a little over a now, have gone on about 6 dates, i’ve spent the weekend at his apt in nyc, but have not had any talk about being exclusive (it’s still early, i know!) month. BUT not long ago i viewed their hinge to see because it made me think he’s still actively using hinge if he had updated anything, and the order of his pictures changed (the 2nd picture became his 1st, 1st became 2nd) I don’t know if this happens automatically on hinge, but it upset me. We talk each and every day while having had amazing dates and go along great. He plans great times and always is asking as he is able to see me personally next.. I feel like after simply because I have been overthinking and feel like he’s been distant over text. Yesterday he didn’t text me until belated at night which can be unlike him.. he asked exactly how my time had been and the thing I did that we think is normal but now I’m overthinking all of it. Any suggestions? And I also making myself crazy?

Youre snooping, as you do not know where you stay. And you also do not understand in which you stay while you think the sticking your mind in the sand may be the strategy that is best. First we think its crucial you receive out from the overthinking mindset. It spills over. Yes he is able to be searching from the dating app, Yes they can come out not interested. Read more