How to connect two monitors to a Dual display setup to your Chromebox

I love using my Chromebox when I need to be productive. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Chromebook too grizzly sign up but when it comes to work that is serious don’t think you can beat a Chromebox setup. Find out more about the benefits of a Chromebox compared to a Chromebook.

When I first started Chrome Computing just over a year ago I was using a Chromebook. It was fine but I soon realised I could be more productive with a desktop PC setup. I purchased an Asus Chromebox 3 and connected it to my existing 27-inch display. My productivity increased, which I think is a complete lot to do with your mindset. Find out if a Chromebox is right for you.

I recently decided to create a second Chromebox setup in my living room, so thought it was the perfect opportunity to go for a dual display setup. Read more