Mythology Overview and Review of Perseus. King Acrisius of Argos has a daughter that is stunningly beautiful wishes a son, so he prays to your gods.

Apollo informs him not just that Acrisius will do not have a son, but in addition that the son of their child will destroy him. The way that is only completely avoid this prophecy is to destroy his child, Danae, but Acrisius fears exactly what the gods would do in order to him. Alternatively, he imprisons Danae in a house that is bronze a roof and guards her very carefully.

Arcisius will not expect, nonetheless, that Zeus should come to her and impregnate her. Perseus comes into the world, and after Acrisius discovers the baby, he sets Perseus and Danae in a box and sets it call at the ocean. Fortunately (or because of Zeus), the box washes up on a island that is small where a form fisherman called Dictys takes Danae and Perseus in. They reside cheerfully until Dictys’s cousin, King Polydectes, falls in deep love with Danae and chooses to be rid of her son. Polydectes convinces Perseus to destroy the Medusa, a horrifying beast with snakes for locks. But this feat appears impossible because whoever talks about the snakes will turn immediately to rock.

Hermes offers Perseus guidance and a sword stronger than the Medusa’s scales. Read more