Watch out for Digital Don Juans. Katherine Flansburg came across her boyfriend through, a free on line dating website.

Katherine Flansburg came across her boyfriend through, a free on the web site that is dating. Almost a year later on, they moved in together. Every thing seemed to be going well until one early morning once they had been woken up by way of a noisy banging on the doorway.

Flansburg, 26, an estate that is real in Santa Clarita, Calif., had been surprised to learn that their unanticipated visitor had been her boyfriend’s spouse. Moments later, a fuming Flansburg rummaged through her boyfriend’s desk compartments and discovered recently filed paperwork for the marriage that is legal, in addition to an IRS profits declaration that revealed her boyfriend’s income ended up being just one-quarter just as much cash while he’d informed her.

“He ended up being an item of work,” she recalled.

So long as folks have been dating, there has been tales of liars, cheats and thieves. On the web age, with all the privacy provided by e-mail, along with individuals running a blog about their bad experiences, it looks like there are many types of nefarious behavior than ever before.

An expensive and time-consuming process in the pre-Internet days, if a woman wanted to find out about her beau’s background, or if a man wanted to make sure his new girlfriend wasn’t a gold digger, they would have to hire a private investigator. But century that is 21st have actually new tools that provide them easy, inexpensive use of outlets by which they are able to run background checks on prospective mates by experiencing databases and computerized documents. Read more