Brian Feinstein on Nuance and Resilience in Bisexual Male Youth Health analysis

He and their co-authors offered the following suggestions for future research targeting male bisexuality:

*Move far from a disease-focused lens. Dodge stated the model that is medical of research has founded heterosexuality while the norm despite the fact that Kinsey’s findings suggested it had been normal for people to go over the Kinsey Scale in their everyday lives.

*Improve sampling methods for bisexuality research. Dodge acknowledged that finding “bisexual” individuals for studies can be challenging but crucial, needing techniques that are innovative. All many times, nonetheless, scientists recruit participants from predominantly “gay-identified” venues, like pubs, that are considered convenient yet lack the bisexual people that scientists look for.

*Revive the idea of the Kinsey continuum. Dodge advised the necessity for a revival associated with conversation surrounding this notion in research sectors, in addition to popular culture. “The implications of Kinsey’s findings pertaining to this scale are significant,” Dodge said. “People shouldn’t be pigeon-holed into social groups, such as for example homosexual, heterosexual and sometimes even bisexual. Read more