He thrusts downwards to enter her from above. It may possibly be hard to attain a razor-sharp adequate

3. Mounted Groundhog

Technique: Have her lie flat in the sleep along with her feet extended right behind her. She can fold her hands during the elbow and remainder on her behalf forearms to slightly raise her torso. He climbs over the top and straddles her in order for their knees are generally part of her sides, and their groin is pressed up against her butt. Then bends during the waistline, tilting ahead making sure that their head is next to hers and supporting himself on his forearms before penetrating her.

Why it is great: once again, this will be a tiny variation associated with standard Prone Bone / Groundhog position. It’s like the place above except he’s supporting their lower torso by resting on their knees, as opposed to lying entirely on top of her. Read more